The River garry & Loch Oich
The Garry has 3½ miles of double bank fishing and exclusive salmon fishing on Loch Oich. For the last 25 years the river Garry has operated a 100% catch and release policy. From 2022 this policy is being relaxed to fall in line with the wider Ness system policy for C&R, meaning some fish may be retained. The river is also being opened up so all of it can be fished.

Fishermen will receive £10 for each fish reported as returned (max 10 fish per day). No proof is needed as we trust when a fish is kept it will be reported as such. This payment is made as an incentive to return the fish and will be paid no matter when in the season it is caught.

The fishing, which consists of 25 named pools across 5 beats and Loch Oich, can be booked by clicking the 'Book Here' button below or by contacting the letting agent Gina Williamson on 07793 956 596 or by emailing

Day ticket£25
Week ticket£140
Season ticket£295

Garry Salmon 1

Garry Salmon 2
A fully fitted fishing cabin with cooking facilities, tables, chairs and, of course, rod rests is available for season ticket holders, as well as a boat for use on Loch Oich (2 rods maximum) – outboard not provided. Season tickets holders may bring their own boats and there is secure mooring available for up to 4 boats.

A report of catch must be made to the letting agent along with your details and any payment will be sent at the end of each week. If you retain a fish this catch should also be reported in the same way along with the weight of the fish and where it was caught.

With excellent footpaths and easy parking your vehicle is only ever a short walk away.

At various points around the river Garry you will be able to make use of the private parking for yourself and your party.

The River Garry is spectacular and unique. From its tumbling falls to gentle glides it offers something for everyone. The pools are ideal for fly fishing but spinning is permitted.
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Parking at the Garry

Loch Oich boat

Fishing Cabin River Garry
Fishing Hut

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Catch on River Garry
River Garry Salmon
River Garry Salmon Salmon in a boat on the River Garry